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AYNLA International, Inc. is the first youth-led & youth-directed professional nursing organization in Asia.

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A VISION that turned into REALITY! May we introduce our humble beginnings.

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[Featured Blogger] Breaking the Code: Saving the Babies!

Photo credits: www.incultureparent.com By Featured Blogger: Alvin Cloyd Dakis***When I was a student nurse, I remembered how zealously we taught every mother the advantages of exclusive breastfeeding and that it increases the mother-child bond. We taught about colostrum, performed the mnemonics of B-R-E-A-S-T-F-E-E-D-I-N-G through songs and dances and how fancy we made our artsy presentations […]

Welcome to AYNLA!

AYNLA is an international network of young leaders in health care especially NURSES who organized themselves to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals through Holistic Nursing Leadership that started here in the Philippines.

[Press Release] Young Nurses Decry Employment Crisis

Manila, Philippines – Filipino young nurses are facing a great challenge – finding a decent work and employment, which has been really hard to reach lately. Members of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates (AYNLA) lamented that young nurses have meager chances of getting employment with more than 200,000 other nurses hunting for decent […]

Vote for AYNLA’s Kalingang Bayan to win this year’s Coke Barkada Award 2011

ALLIANCE OF YOUNG NURSE LEADERS AND ADVOCATES INTERNATIONAL INC. Number of Members: 2500Location: Manila Project Entry: “Kalingang Bayan: AYNLA National Nurses Missions” Description: The “Kalingang Bayan” program is an initiative that focuses on three general service divisions: (1) Health Education, Information & Promotion, (2) Health Services & Consultation, and (3) Health Training to Community Health […]

Train nurses for RH services, group pushes RH approval

Quezon City, Philippines – A national nursing organization gathers to talk about the current state of maternal health and the lack of reproductive & sexual health & unifies to support the national campaign to pass a comprehensive reproductive health law in the country. The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA), a […]

Press Release: Nurses remind PNoy: Look into the welfare of nurses too

Manila, Philippines – A national nurses organization reminded President Benigno Aquino III to prioritize the health of the Filipinos and the welfare of the health human workforce who is about to deliver his State of the Nation Address (SONA) tomorrow. The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates (AYNLA) encouraged the President to think about the […]

WHO Expert Opinion on Abortive Substances & Devices in the Philippines

The World Health Organization with UNDP, UNFPA & World Bank Special Programme of Research & Development (HRP) EXPERT OPINION on  ABORTIVE SUBSTANCES & DEVICES  In the Philippines *Excerpts from the Expert Opinion Report Medical methods of abortion use pharmacological drugs to terminate pregnancy, including mifepristone, a synthetic steroid compound, and misoprostol, a prostaglandin.  Surgical methods of abortion […]

[Press Release] Nurses Group Backs RH Bill on Nurses Day

Manila, Philippines – A national nurses group strongly supports the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill pending in Congress as one of its core messages for the International Nurses Day in the Philippines which was celebrated worldwide every May 12. The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA) National President Alvin Cloyd Dakis stressed […]


A blessed and meaningful 8th Founding Anniversary to the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA) Family!
Truly, we are glad to celebrate another year of advocacy, leadership, and service to the nursing and health sector. While we experienced a lot of challenges, trials, and struggles during the past years, we remained steadfast in our commitment advocating the achievement of UN Development Goals, Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and advancing nurses’ rights and welfare.
In line with this occasion, I would like to highlight some of the activities and projects that we conducted, especially during the time that I started to occupy the position of Chief Executive Officer of our beloved AYNLA.

In 2013, we go beyond the Millennium Development Goals and started to discuss the role of nurses in global health, during the 4th Millennium Convention. We presented the pressing issues of global health which are not usually tackled by nurses but plays a huge role in the directions of population health policies and programming as well as the future of the nursing profession. We also discussed the issues on global migration and its impact on population health, the effects of climate change phenomenon on human health and lastly the possible health agenda post-2015.
In 2014, we are proud to become one of the members and partners of the Millennia2015 (now Millennia2025) Foundation who is working towards women’s empowerment and gender equality. Through their help and support together with the Connecting Nurses, we implemented the Kalingang Buntis Project that provides young pregnant women with youth-friendly information on disaster preparedness, maternal health and nutrition, and family planning. Maternal and reproductive health services were also provided including hygiene kits containing basic supplies that can be utilized during a disaster.
Moreover, in the same year, we successfully held the ‘ACT2015 Community Dialogue’, supported by the UNAIDS Bangkok Regional Office and in partnership with Y-PEER Pilipinas. The said dialogue allows young people to mobilize and putting HIV as priority in the post-2015 agenda and that sexual and reproductive health and rights get recognized in major United Nations goals. Access to SRH Education and Services, HIV Prevention Knowledge, HIV Testing and Treatment, and Attitudes, Laws, and Policies, are key issues on assessing the young people’s perspective towards Post 2015 Agenda. Finally, it plays a vital role to collect first-hand information and fresh ideas from the young people and how to create promising solutions.
In 2015, we are honored to be part of the Universal Health Global Coalition led by the Global Health Strategies on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation, working in raising the awareness about the importance and need to expand affordable and quality health services. To celebrate the UHC Day, we organized ‘UHC Forum for Nurses’ that introduced to nurses the history of UHC and its primary purpose while emphasizing the important role of nurses in the achievement of UHC goals, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals. Likewise, AYNLA nurses in the province of Abra together with the local community health professionals organized a nursing and medical mission that extended health services to the underserved communities particularly the municipality of Bangued, San Antonio. Health education & health promotion was conducted, and free consultations & medicines were rendered.
In 2016, we officially launched the ‘AYNLA Leaders’ Congress’ bringing together young nurses that shall form part of the core group of AYNLA. It serves as the revitalization of the commitment of young nurses and the population it serves. It also aims at an impetus for direction setting towards a sustained presence in the coming years. The 2016 Leaders’ Congress served as a platform to deliberate organizational goals and strategic directions through ratifying the articles of incorporation & constitution and by-laws, draft 5-year roadmap, and draft local and national activities.
Finally, this year, we take pride in partnering with the United Nations Children’s Fund and Department of Health in implementing the Adolescent HIV Nursing Model for Community-based Treatment, Care, and Support Project. It aims to provide adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) a rigorous, comprehensive HIV treatment, care, and support through integrated medical and social care approaches to achieve better health outcomes. Moreover, it specifically aims to pilot an HIV Nursing Model that caters to ALHIV needs through community-based approaches in Iloilo and Zamboanga, to develop and implement standardized non-discriminatory, youth-friendly, nursing module for treatment, care and support of ALHIV, and lastly to generate evidence through documentation of knowledge product and experiences including lessons learned.
Indeed, AYNLA is still traversing a long journey towards greatness and success. But it is my fervent hope that we continue to support each other, sustain our commitment, and always take the responsibility in all our actions. Let us continue to serve without limits! ∞
AYNLA President & CEO
01 September 2017.