Imagine What a Nurse Can Do

The Global Health Workforce Alliance of the World Health Organization created a short video about how nurses (skilled health workers) can affect the entire community and the world.

Follow ‘Flo’, a skilled health worker who leaves her home in search of a better life. What happens to the people she leaves behind? What would it take to keep her in her own community, saving lives and improving the health of the people there?

In the Philippines more and more skilled ‘Flo’ are leaving the country leaving behind the health of her people. In contrast, around 250,000 more ‘Flo’s are retained in the country with no jobs. This video will tell us what would it be like if we invest in our nurses & other health professionals.

A good example of is the passage of House Bill 4244 or the “Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population & Development Act” which will increase the deployment of nurses in local health units to provide sexuality education, health information and RH services. And also Senate Bill 2629 otherwise known as “Community Health Delivery and Health Team Placement Act” which aims to develop community health delivery and health team placement for rural area and improve the accessibility and delivery of primary health services will inevitably create employment for our health care practitioners and hone their skills in the process. 

*AYNLA is a member of the Global Health Workforce Alliance
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