Nurses reiterates support for RH Bill, ask solons to pass measure in 15th Congress

AYNLA Nurses sign the AYNLA Nurses RH Manifesto
of Support during its 2nd National Convention

The nurses of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International or AYNLA stresse their full support to the Reproductive Health (RH) Bills pending in the 15th Congress.

AYNLA nurses showed their full support to the RH Bill when the AYNLA Board of Trustees first issued a resolution supporting the passage of a national comprehensive reproductive & sexual health law in the Philippines last October 2010. 

In October 2011, AYNLA Nurses and its allied networks released the Nurses’ National Manifesto of Support for the Reproductive Health Bill as part of the national covenant of the Alliance to support the initiatives to pass the bill.

AYNLA National President and lead convener of RNs4RH Movement, Alvin Dakis stresses the importance of having a national law addressing the reproductive & sexual health needs of the Filipinos. “Nurses know what many of our poor women in the communities undergo and how hard it was for them to give birth, they have no access to contraception which leads many of them to unsafe abortion when they cannot bear one child more…” Dakis said.

The RH Bill seeks to provide all medically-safe, legal and accessible family planning methods and services to every Filipinos. It aims to promote both traditional (natural) and modern (artificial) family planning methods. But under the RH Bill, abortion will remain illegal. 

The bill also seeks to provide RH services to women in displaced areas such as evacuation centers, far-flung & underserved areas through mobile services and to people with disabilities. It will also give sexuality education to young people starting from Grade 5. 

“Sexuality education is needed as we have seen many young people are getting infected with HIV and other sexually transmissible infections. Many young women are getting pregnant in their teenage years. Nurses are excellent educators & we think we can do the job.” quipped Jonathan Monis, AYNLA’s Political Officer.

AYNLA Nurses had been engaged in advocating and educating the public about the merits of the bill through the use of social media. After the House voted to terminate the debates on the RH Bill and move towards the Period of Amendments, and after President Aquino stressed his stand on responsible parenthood in his recent SONA, AYNLA nurses were glad that the RH Bill is seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

“We would like to see this being passed in our lifetime…” Tina Siuagan a nurse and an artist said. “…if we value the future, we should start empowering our people now. If they have the correct information, they can decide properly for themselves.” she quipped.
AYNLA nurses recently asked senators and congressmen to visit hospitals and the communities where they serve and see the situation for themselves. Responding to the recent speech of Senator Tito Sotto, AYNLA tweeted 

@AYNLAleaders: Nurses invite Sen.Sotto to have 1 day rounds at Fabella Hospital & to address his speech in front of community women. #RHBill

“being Pro-Choice is not being Anti-Life. Being Pro-Life should also be being Pro-Quality of Life” Dakis said in his Twitter account. 

Board Resolution to support the RH Bill, October 2010

The Nurses National Manifesto of support for the RH Bill, published during the 2nd Millennium Convention, October 2011
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  1. Great post! I am a nurse and I’m going through a Healthcare Staffing Agency right now so hopefully I can find a job soon. So I love reading articles like this, thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. The House of Representatives has recently come out with a new version of the RH bill that clarifies that methods that are supposedly contraceptive but are in fact abortifacient (such as IUD’s and certain pills that kill the person formed during fertilization) will not be part of the program.

    I think releasing a statement that supports this move would further demonstrate AYNLA’s commitment to support ethical healthcare in the country. 🙂

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