AYNLA awarded for its public service programs by H&L Magazine

Health exemplars to be awarded

A healthy lifestyle and other health promotion activities are considered important treatment strategies to prevent non-communicable diseases like heart diseases, strokes, chronic lung diseases and cancers. Hence, these diseases are also called lifestyle diseases.

On the 10th year anniversary of H&L (Health & Lifestyle) magazine, its medical advisory board and editorial board have decided to recognize individuals, organizations and institutions whose sustained programs and activities on healthy lifestyle and health promotion have benefited the community or a big segment of the population. These staunch advocates and champions of a healthy lifestyle will be given the “Healthy Lifestyle Exemplar” awards on November 27 at the One Esplanade in the Mall of Asia Complex. 

The first batch of awardees consists of Dr. Adolfo Bellosillo (for excellence in public health education), Dr. Willie Ong (for excellence in health journalism and public health), missionary couple Lanie and Ely Latuga (for excellence in community service), the National Center for Health Promotion or NCHP (for excellence in health education and public service—government institution category), the Philippine Heart Association or PHA (for excellence in public health education—professional organization category), “Salamat Dok” of ABS-CBN (for excellence in public health education—mass media category).

Aside from the six awardees, four other groups will be given plaques of commendation for their meritorious programs and activities on healthy lifestyle promotion. These are the Manila Adventist Medical Center or MAMC (for integrating healthy lifestyle education in patient care), Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International, Inc. or AYNLA (for their health education and public service programs), Novartis Healthcare Philippines (for its health promotion program—“Be Healthy,” and GMA Network’s “Pinoy MD” (for health education and public service).

This year’s panel of judges is chaired by Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD, emeritus professor, of the University of the Philippines, College of Medicine, and the past president of the Philippine College of Physicians, Philippine Heart Association, and Philippine Society of Hypertension. 

The other judges are Abdias V. Aquino, MD, past president of the Philippine College of Physicians, Philippine Neurological Society, and Philippine Society of Hypertension; Ramon L. Arcadio, MD, immediate past chancellor of the University of the Philippines, Manila campus and past dean of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine; Rebecca L. Castillo, MD, fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians, and Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and consulting editor of FAME Publishing; Fernando A. Melendres, MD, former director of the Lung Center of the Philippines and consultant in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), National Kidney and Transplant Institute, and Manila Doctors Hospital; Camellia J.N. Posoncuy, MD, the first Filipina neurosurgeon and past chair of the Philippine Board of Neurosurgery; Francisca C. Roa, MD, past president, Philippine Dermatological Society and current head of the dermatology section at the PGH; and Antonio H. Villalon, MD, past president of the Philippine College of Physicians and Philippine Society of Medical Oncology.

H&L is a monthly, full color, glossy magazine which provides doctors and healthcare professionals informative scientific and clinical updates. Another major mission of the magazine is also to constantly remind the medical and healthcare community of their important role of being vanguards and staunch advocates in health promotion activities.

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