AYNLA declares FREE Registration for all its incoming members!

The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA) recently declared a “due holiday” where members are waived of their one-time registration fees amounting to P150.00 (registration fee is required to all incoming members of the Alliance and its affiliated organizations prior to their membership process).

AYNLA President & CEO, Alvin Dakis, declared the membership holiday starting November 01, 2012 until December 30, 2012 as the gift of the Alliance to all its loyal members & supporters in the three years of the Alliance’s existence.

This new process is applicable to ALL INCOMING MEMBERS of the Alliance.

AYNLA also declares a change in the membership process starting January 2013. Its Annual Membership dues will now become Biennial, which means membership to the Alliance (AYNLA, AYHA, SNA) will now be lasting up to two (2) years instead of a year. Members will also be receiving a customized PVC Identification cards compared to that of a printed card they formerly receive.
Members of the Alliance shall also receive membership kits together with their IDs, information regarding the Alliance’s LEARN program (Leadership Enhancement Academy for RNs) and its scheduled training courses on advocate leadership.

AYNLA will continue to give additional perks for all its members for their continued patronage. To join and get this free registration, click the link below


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  1. where is AYNLA Laguna is located?

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