AYNLA appoints new leaders for 2013

Manila, Philippines – The Alliance is all set as it embarks the new year with some fresh faces to lead its vast network. AYNLA released its new set of officials, being joined by more dynamic and passionate young nurse leaders.

The Alliance searched for interested Regional Governors to govern its regional presence and to connect its members to achieve its organizational goals for the year and the next.

Nr. Alvin Dakis, AYNLA’s President & CEO released the new appointments in a memorandum. This round of appointment is different since members were given the change to apply for the position. “We are glad that nurses are now taking active roles in nation-building by being active members and officers of the Alliance.” Dakis said.

“There are still some regions left that we do not have focal persons, we are still open to accept them. Nurses interested to form core groups in their locality may send us proposals through our official email.” Dakis said when asked about those who are interested to form their Local Chapters or lead the regions where there are no regional officers yet. 

AYNLA is still open for those who are interested to lead AYNLA’s regional and local presence. All officers should be official registered members foremost, and those who are available and passionate to lead AYNLA’s members. Interested AYNLAns should submit their letters of intent and CVs to admin@aynla.org.

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