Call for Leaders! AYNLA Searches for the next batch of nurse leaders

AYNLA nurse leaders in action
Manila, Philippines – The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA) is set to reach higher grounds as it opens its doors to new and budding leaders in the health advocacy for 2013-2015.

AYNLA has produced outstanding leaders who are now starting to be known in different   agencies such as the Department of Health, Food & Drugs Administration, National Youth Commission, National Anti-Poverty Commission and even in different non-government organizations. Some are now based outside of the country.

“AYNLA is the training grounds for young leaders in health advocacy, policy and development. The Alliance provides them the avenue to grow beyond the stereotypical avenue of work.” says AYNLA President & CEO Alvin Dakis.

As the Alliance enters another fiscal year, it seeks new nurses that are willing to take the challenge to be trained with the brand of AYNLA Leadership. The Alliance opens its doors to its members in the following:
REGIONAL GOVERNORS – the Alliance seeks Regional Governors who shall oversee activities of AYNLA in the different regions of the Philippines. Regional Governors are considered Middle Managers of the Alliance and helps in organizing Local Chapters in the region. Regional Governors in the NCR are called Zonal Governors. Regional Governors are led by an appointed Chairperson and assisted by the Secretary of the League. Regional Governors serve for two (2) years.

Available positions for the following regions are sought:
NCR Zonal Governor
Region II Regional Governor
Region IV-B Regional Governor
Region VII Regional Governor
Region VIII Regional Governor
Region IX Regional Governor
Region X Regional Governor 
Region XI Regional Governor
Region XII Regional Governor 
Region XIII Regional Governor
Bangsamoro Regional Governor

Additionally, AYNLA opens for all interested members to become Focal Persons/Group for different Local Chapters all over the country. 

Interested AYNLA members who would like to take the challenge in leading its Regional Councils as Regional Governors may send their Letters of Intent and CVs to

Deadline of filling of requirements will be on January 15, 2013, 5:00 PM. 

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  1. What are requirements to be a governor sir?

  2. All interested to become Regional Governors should be first and foremost AYNLA members (to become one, registration is done through this site). It is preferred they have been actively participating in the activities of the Alliance prior their appointment.

    But more than that, what matters to us is one’s loyalty to the Alliance and to serve its members. That one is willing to serve beyond recognition or awards, that for us is something we are looking for.

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