Surviving Nazareno: 6 Health Tips for Devotees

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Surviving Nazareno:  6 Health Tips for Devotees

By featured blogger: Nr. Janina Santos

January 9 marks this year’s first procession of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo, and the crowd will surely be as thick this year as any other year. Heat strokes, exhaustion, and emergency situations would most likely afflict the unwary devotee, and to prevent such problems from occurring, here are AYNLA’s top health tips that may help those who wish to attend the Itim na Nazareno’s Translacion. 
  • Bring water. Christmas just ended, and January is supposed to be a cold month for the Pinoys, a respite from the long hot days of summer. Right now, though, that is not the case. You can blame global warming all you want, but the fact still remains that these days, the sun is merciless. A swig of water will help ensure that you don’t have a heat stroke in the middle of the procession.
  • Slap on some good ‘ole sun screen. Despite our awesome Filipino-brown complexion, which is an excellent protection against the sun, extra help is still very much welcome. Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach. If you’ll be brutally exposed to the sun for long periods of hours, then your skin would appreciate extra help. Give your skin some love and put on sunscreen.
  • Arm yourself with candy. Or any foodstuff that you can keep in your pockets. It would be pretty difficult to extract yourself from a massive group of moving people to go to the nearest Jollibee for a quick bite, and being out in the streets of Quiapo all day is no mean feat for the stomach. You will get hungry. To lessen hunger pangs and to provide the body with much-needed energy, make sure you have a carb source that is within reach all the time.
  • Keep your meds at hand. For the devotees of the Black Nazarene, hypertension, asthma, and other conditions are not hindrances to the fulfillment of a divine promise. Unfortunately, existing medical conditions such as these will not go on hiatus just because devotees will be attending the procession of their Poong Nazareno. The next best thing? Make sure you can manage the condition regardless of time, place, and situation. Have your meds at the ready.
  • Know when to stop. Exhausted? Injured? In pain? Despite your devotion, the body can only take so much. Taking a break won’t hurt and getting medical help when needed is surely acceptable. That being said…
  • Be sure you know where the emergency booths are. High blood pressure, dizziness, injuries and whatnot, all of these can be addressed by trained medical professionals. Nurses, doctors, and other health personnel will be at the scene, ready to help people. Make sure you know where to go to in case you need professional health. Volunteers for the Alliance of Young Health Leaders and Advocates are among those in the site that you can count on.

There you go, devotees. With these tips, you’ll  hopefully survive today’s chaotic event. Remember: keep the health as well as keep the faith!
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  1. The process of mindful breathing is a form of meditation; and also a great way to get more oxygen into your blood and tissues.This Health Tips are very useful to others.

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