The Nursing Idol 2013

The Nursing Idol Search (N.I.) is an inter-collegiate and inter-institutional solo singing competition organized by the Student Nurses Alliance of the Philippines in close collaboration with AYNLA International Inc. and AYHA.
The competition aims to use the power of singing and music to advocate for health and nursing issues to the public.  The main goal of the competition is to provide an avenue for talented nurses and giving their talent an opportunity to be properly exposed while also bringing different health advocacy they chose to share about the institution they belong to.
  • The competition opens its audition through submission of audition videos via Youtube. Audition videos should be done without any aid of any editing or professional recording device or software.
  • The competition is initially open to all student nurses and registered nurses within Metro Manila, Mega Manila and nearby Luzon areas.
  • There will be 2 categories: one for students and one for professional nurses.
  • There will be no age limit as long as they are enrolled in a college of nursing and or actively rendering nursing service with an active nursing license.
  • A selection committee called “The Jury” will be created to choose the finalists that will be given a chance to perform live during the Grand Idols’ Night.
  • Each finalist may choose an organization they support and part of the prize they will win will go to their chosen organization.
  • Each Idol Finalist may choose the song they prefer to perform during the Grand Idols’ Night but song choice will be based on who filed the song first. Idol Finalists will also have to rehearse songs for their Nursing Idol Week and for their grand production number.
  • A special set of judges from the respected fields of music and health will join the judging of our 1st Nursing Idol.

A.      Audition / Selection Phase
·         A selection committee will be created to evaluate and judge the audition videos sent via Youtube;
·         Each auditionee may perform the whole song and record it but only if there were no additional editing or professional recording done;
·         Successful auditionees will be contacted for the next phase.
B.      Selection of Top N.I. Finalists
·         There will be a scheduled day where pre-screened auditionees would be present for a live acapella performance in front of the Selection Committee, which will have to come up with the Top Nursing Idol Finalists.
C.      Nursing Idol Week
·         There will be scheduled days for the N.I. finalists to visit sponsors, guests in radio shows, possible appear in TV shows and be able to perform in campuses, malls and other institutions. This would be part of the pre-judging.
D.      Grand Idols’ Night
·         There will be one scheduled event to culminate and to proclaim the Nursing idol Grand Champion dubbed as the Grand Idols’ Night. Idol Finalists will have to perform their last set and there will be a different set of judges as well.

This is a special project under the Office of the AYNLA President with SNAP and AYHA. Nurses who are also performers assist the organizing committee. The search is managed by a talented and dedicated volunteer workforce.

The search is open for event partners, media partners and sponsors whether in cash or in-kind sponsorship. The search is open for interested groups. Should you want to sponsor or be one of our partners, please e-mail us at
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