ILO-DWAB Online Photocontest announced the winners!

Manila, Philippines — AYNLA and ILO announced the winners of the Decent Work Across Borders (DWAB) Online Photo Contest, Wednesday, April 24, 2013.
After the rigorous judging process, four (4) out of the twenty one (21) entries that qualified for the second round of judging, were declared as winners. The judges were composed of the ILO Manila Senior Program Officer, a Program Officer from the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, a seasoned local and international photojournalist and the President of one of the health professional organizations in the Philippines.
The online photo competition winners include the following:


First Prize – Sa puso, sa isip at sa gawa by Ms. May Shelly Obial (Australia)
 (In our hearts, in our minds, and in deeds)
Description: Young Filipinos migrate to different countries not only for their own financial and professional benefits. A sense of patriotism and love for home country always lives within. While the significance of their migration is realized though the development of their careers in a multicultural and world-class workplace, the pride and honour they give back in the name of the Philippines is certainly a lifetime achievement.
Second prize – In Service of Filipinos by Mr. Rex Billie Cabangcal (Australia)
Description: The Filipino youth transcends the qualities of the general global workforce. With the right optimism, moving energy, world-class training and sincere hospitality, we extend our health care expertise not only to our homeland but overseas as well. The world needs the Filipinos and we are ready to help with a smile.
Third prize (tie) – I am Filipino Nurse by Ms. Lailyn Polig (Benguet Province)
Description: Filipino Nurses are branded worldwide as the nurses who have the tender, love and care towards their patients. This why they always have the enormous opportunity to migrate – they are always in the number one list of professions that are demanded abroad. This photo conveys the happiness that the nurse feels by getting the chance to work abroad. Migration presents a chance for nurses to build their skills and knowledge and especially help others by sharing their capability and giving unconditional care. As a community nurse, it is great and heart-warming for Julia to be able to give back her services to the community. The community helped her to have enough experience. She is very thankful and looking forward to coming back and work as a nurse in the Philippines.
 We are Ready by Mr. Juan Karlo Reyes (Quezon City)
Description: This photo illustrates that these Filipino nurses are ready to face any challenges that they may encounter in working abroad. With the right knowledge, skills and attitude, they are equipped with tools that are at par with others. Having the compassion and positivity that a Filipino is known for, we can say that our nurses can work well at the international arena.

Winners shall be receiving 600 USD (1st Prize), 400 USD (2nd  Prize) and 200 USD (3rd prize) respectively. The awarding of prizes will be on May 9, 2013, 6:00pm at the Makati Medical Center Auditorium during the activity entitled “Nurses Got Talent”. This activity is sponsored by Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) in celebration of International Nurses Week.


Further, the ILO DWAB will be honoring the nurses around the world by exhibiting the 21 photos at the RCBC Plaza Yuchengo Tower I Lobby, Ayala Avenue in Makati from May 6 to 10, 2013. The title of the exhibit is “Migration: Images and Perspectives from Young Health Professionals.” Nurses and other health & non-health students and professionals are welcomed to visit the exhibit and view the photos during the said time.
The DWAB Online Photo Contest project is funded by European Union (EU) and implemented by International Labour Organization (ILO) in partnership with Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International, Inc. (AYNLA).


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