Launching of DOH Nurse Certification Program Courses

DOH Nurse Certification Program is a system of developing and certifying nurses based on a set of standard competencies in specific specialty areas.

1. Competency Assessments (Self-Assessment and Workplace Assessments)
2. Competency-based Learning Interventions
3. Accreditation of Providers

Each of the specialty programs under the DOH NCP are managed by the following designated hospitals:

Specialty Programs
Head/Designated Hospitals
1. Cardiovascular Nursing
Philippine Heart Center
2. Renal Nursing
National Kidney and Transplant Institute
3. Pediatric Nursing
Philippine Children’s Medical Center
National Children’s Hospital
4. Pulmonary Nursing
Lung Center of the Philippines
5. Mental Health Nursing
National Center for Mental Health
6. Maternal and Child Nursing
Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
7. Infectious Disease Nursing
San Lazaro Hospital
8. Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Nursing
Philippine Orthopedic Center
9. Trauma and Emergency Nursing
East Avenue Medical Center
10. Operating Room Nursing
National Kidney and Transplant Institute
Philippine Heart Center
11. Anesthesia Care Nursing
Philippine Heart Center
Quirino Memorial Medical Center
East Avenue Medical Center
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Steps to be followed for Assessment and Certification:

1. Nurse Candidates (applicants) shall submit the following to the DOH NCP Office of the respective
a) Accomplished and Validated Self-assessment Tool;
b) Accomplished Application Form;  and
c) Portfolio or Evidence of Competence
2. Payment of Assessment Fee at the designated hospital who will then assign 2 assessors per nurse candidate.
3. The Nurse candidate undergoes a series of workplace assessments
4. Assessors submit the accomplished checklist and Assessment Report: Once the candidate is assessed as  competent, the Hospital DOH NCP Committee prepares a Recommendation Letter endorsing the candidate  for certification. Then DOH issues the Certificate of Competence.
5. If a candidate has been assessed as “not yet competent” in certain competency areas, the Hospital DOH, DOH NCP Committee (Sub-Committee on Assessment and Certification) advises the applicant on the availment of appropriate learning interventions.

Steps to be followed for Availment of Learning and Development Interventions
1. Nurse candidates shall proceed to the DOH NCP Office of the designated hospital and present their
accomplished self-assessment tool or Assessment Report (for those with prior assessment).
2. The Hospital DOH NCP Committee then recommends available learning interventions that would address  the competency gaps. Corresponding payments for the selected courses or modules are settled by the candidate.
3. Upon completion of the learning intervention, trainees undergo an assessment of the competencies set to be addressed by the particular learning intervention.
4. Once assessed, the Hospital DOH NCP Committee issues a Certificate of Completion which indicates the competencies gained from the particular course or module taken.

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  1. wonderfull informative blog which has been given a great information about health

  2. I am a newly registered Nurse and I am planning to take the program. Am I qualified? Can someone respond to my query? Thanks in advance and God Bless!

  3. If you got certified, do you get salary increase for this?

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