#Beyond2015 | 100 Days to go to the adoption of the post-2015 agenda

100 Days to go: Courage needed from world leaders to adopt strongest new global sustainable development agenda

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17 June 2015

Civil society organisations around the world in the Beyond 2015 campaign are urging world leaders to show courage and finalise an ambitious agreement before the major United Nations Summit in September.

Brussels (and globally), June 17 – Today marks the start of the 100-day countdown to the adoption of the United Nations post-2015 agenda which will define the global sustainable development framework for the next fifteen years. This agenda seeks to address the multifaceted and interlinked development challenges our people and planet face today through a set of goals and targets for developed and developing countries alike to reach by 2030. Governments are currently negotiating the final text that will be adopted by Heads of State during a historical Summit in New York, in September.

Beyond 2015 participating organisations have sent letters and postcards with key demands to world leaders in the final stretch before the UN Summiti.

i http://www.beyond2015.org/beyond-2015s-100-day-countdown-adoption-post-2015-agenda

“We hope our messages will be heard loud and clear today and echoed around the world. We urge world leaders to be courageous at this crucial stage in the process to define a new sustainable development compact, to ensure that the final agenda truly sets all countries on track to achieve sustainable development for people and the planet.” said Andrew Griffiths, Sightsavers, co-chair of the Beyond 2015 campaign.

The Beyond 2015 campaign is calling on world leaders to listen to the voices of people around the world, in particular those experiencing poverty and marginalisation; to recognise the need for fundamental changes at multiple levels, ensuring that no-one is left behind; to commit to achieving global goals for the well-being of all people and the future of our planet; and to take action to integrate the post-2015 agenda into national development plans and policies.

The process to define the post-2015 agenda has been marked by unprecedented levels of participation from multiple stakeholders, including civil society. Beyond 2015 members call on world leaders to reflect their aspirations in the final document and to ensure the broadest participation of stakeholders in the implementation, follow-up and review of this global agenda. “This new sustainable development agenda has been drafted with people’s participation from all over the world. We want to continue to be part of the new global partnership for sustainable development and to be actively engaged in the implementation and monitoring of the universal commitments” said George Ngundu, Organisation of African Youth, co-chair of the Beyond 2015 campaign.


Ella Masle-Farquhar, Beyond 2015 Acting International Officer, efarquhar@beyond2015.org


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