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You, Me, Empathy: Developing Empathetic Leaders for Mental Health

February 17, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 5:30 pm PHT

Project Overview

“You, Me, Empathy” tackles understanding oneself by learning how to love and care for yourself. As you take care of your own mental health, you can also show empathy towards others who are facing and conquering battles themselves. By empathizing with others, we discover how to put ourselves in the situation of another person and by that we realize how we can take an active part in listening when they talk about their troubles, and become knowledgeable about what to say to them to solve their problems. Through empathy, we are able to improve, address, and advocate not just to people who are experiencing difficulties, but the general well-being of all people.

In fact, good mental health amplifies a person’s performance in their daily life. Individuals and especially teams perform better when each member is well accounted for. With a good leader who takes their members’ mental health into consideration, not only will it lead to better team outputs, but also better team synergy and motivation. Mental health is a humanistic universal endeavor that individuals should involve themselves in, therefore, we should all strive in building a healthier environment, physically and mentally.

About AIESEC in the Philippines

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organization, developing the leadership potential of young people worldwide. Present in over 120+ countries and territories with 70,000+ members across 2600 universities, we offer young people a chance to develop their leadership potential through life-changing professional and personal development experiences. AIESEC in the Philippines is present in 12 Universities and Colleges with 20+ Partner Organizations, 1,400+ Members, and 10,000+ AIESEC Alumni.

Desired Outcomes

For our delegates, we want to make sure that our approach to mental health needs changes from being too optimistic to being more personal, genuine, and effective through empathy. Instead of always hoping for the best for people in need, we can act more inclusive with the struggles of mental health. We hope our delegates can learn how to put themselves in the shoes of others and then act accordingly. Empathy is not just for the benefit of another person, but it also improves how well we understand ourselves and vice versa. Especially in times when we have been in the same situation, we can offer a more suitable action step to people with mental health needs with the aid of empathy.

We believe that with a more empathetic approach to mental health, we can also strengthen our sense of leadership especially in the youth. Not only are we able to better address mental health needs, with empathy, we can properly take into consideration each of our members’ well-being and position each other for the most optimum growth without having to sacrifice any individual’s stability. As we build on this culture of safe spaces with the youth to address mental health needs, we will have a strengthened sense of leadership in the future.

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February 17, 2019
8:30 am - 5:30 pm


To Be Announced
Metro Manila Philippines


AIESEC in the Philippines
(02) 4339258

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