Historical Accounts and Early Beginnings


AYNLA dates back from its conceptualization stage in late 2009 and was founded by nine young professional nurses. The concept of creating a national organization of newly practicing nurses was made to help and guide them in their new practice and to have an avenue of camaraderie. AYNLA was conceived late August of 2009 taking in a different name for its organizational test run. Moreover, it was launched in a different name and calling to serve as a springboard to the AYNLA it is now. The organization was formally conceptualized and was drafted in September of 2009.

Organization’s Dark Ages

There were a lot of glitches and heated arguments creating major stirring in the then organization until it reaches reorganization and eventually a lot of gray areas leaving many of its founding members left hanging in mid-air. Tensions arise and many discontented leaders just left the organization in inactivity. The then Board of Trustees were stirred by political issues and many issues left unanswered leading to the disbandment of the Board. The disbandment led a revolutionary turnabout leading to a new organization; the primary calling of AYNLA came in.

Call of Leadership

Before the disbandment of the former Board, the then organization met with the Philippine Nurses Association – the motherboard of all nursing organizations in the Philippines. A question was raised on what is the specific nursing area of concern the organization was bearing. After the meeting, the then officers have decided to take Nursing Leadership & Management as the flagship program concept for the organization – the primary calling of AYNLA. By then all programs and services of the then organization was geared towards leadership.

Rise of AYNLA

After the stormy disbandment of the former Board and after the untimely resignation of all its Board members, the rise of AYNLA comes as fast as the disbandment of the former. Taking into the mandate of nursing leadership, management and now incorporating the concept of advocacy, the new organization took its new name and quickly reorganized itself to serve as a cushion to many of its wondering members of its status. The disbandment of the former Board now created two separate and totally different organizations, the former organization and AYNLA International. The new organization is composed majorly of the leaders of the former organization but was given the options to choose between the two. Similarly, in the local levels, members were asked to choose between having their membership active in the former or the latter; but was discouraged to become active members of both since there may be conflicting interests among its leaders.

Starting it Right

After the storm that hit the leaders of the former organization and now taking the banner of AYNLA, the leaders have met and talked about the next steps for the new organization. One of the stronghold leaders of AYNLA created series of consultative meetings with its circle of leaders and trusted members to finalize and concretize the plans to establish a national and international organization of young nurse leaders. A new Board arises and is now called the Alliance Board. Vigilant and assertive, the Alliance Board quickly assembles itself and restructures the organization. AYNLA now starts from the ashes. But just as a glorious phoenix has to die to ashes to give birth to a more lasting and powerful phoenix, such as the former organization has to be left to spring a better and more dynamic organization – that is now the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates Inc.

AYNLA and the UN Millennium Development Goals Campaign

AYNLA, now taking its global stand on healthcare and leadership, unanimously agreed that the UN Millennium Development Campaign on the 8 Millennium Development Goals needs to be addressed properly mostly in the nursing and healthcare professions. The rising HIV incidence rates, depressing maternal health and increasing child mortality rates alarm the leaders of AYNLA and have seen its grave impact in the nursing profession – where nurses are in the forefront of these main issues. AYNLA believes that all the 8 MDGs are related to nursing and healthcare and therefore must take serious actions to address these. A new mandate from the stronghold leaders of AYNLA now includes the participation of the organization in every MDG and aligning all its programs and activities in achieving the MDGs through nursing leadership and advocacy. With this, AYNLA now has a more meaningful existence and a more compelling drive to push the advocacies of the organization and work with the international arena.

AYNLA and the 2010 International Year of the Nurse

Another global calling that AYNLA was called to participate is the celebration of the 2010 International Year of the Nurse (IYN) – an international celebration of the centennial year of the Founder of Modern Nursing, the late Florence Nightingale, and the global nurses serving the world. The IYN is spearheaded by the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH) and Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), the international honorary society of nurses. IYN also advocates and pushes the UN MDGs in the global arena. AYNLA is fortunate to be recognized as a partner organization for the Philippines to hold this activity. This September, during the first anniversary celebration of AYNLA, it will also hold a grand celebration for the 2010 IYN in the Philippines, showcasing different noble tasks and works of Filipino nurses here and abroad. AYNLA shall also create series of events to amplify this celebration.

The Road Less Traveled

Currently AYNLA traverses the painstaking road as it expands its borders in the national and international nursing arena and encouraging more new generation nurses to be active in the profession, its causes and to further develop more nurse leaders today.

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