Membership Guidelines

Updated 03 September 2020

A. Introduction

The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates Inc. (AYNLA), is a non-profit professional organization of nurse advocates working on the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, access to Universal Health Care and protection of nurses’ rights and welfare. Relative thereto, it focuses on programs in improving maternal and child health, increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people, and advancing the rights and welfare of nurses.

With the vision of being the forefront professional organization for young nurse leaders and healthcare, AYNLA aims to empower nurses in their practice of profession through active participation in health and development; attain optimal level of professional nursing standards among young nurses; respond to the changing health needs of the global society through advocacy & activism; advance right to health for more accessible, equitable, and effective healthcare system; establish linkages with different institutions & groups, and to foster camaraderie among young nurses and other health professionals.

B. Types of Membership

AYNLA admits members in two categories: (1) Regular Membership, and (2) Student Membership

1. Regular Membership

This type of membership is conferred upon a graduate or registered professional nurse who has been approved of his/her intent or application as an official member and has met all necessary standards, fees, requirements, and other information enforced by AYNLA Constitution. Nurses who are pursuing other degrees, master’s, or doctoral degree shall likewise be classified under this category.

2. Student Membership

This type of membership is conferred upon a student nurse studying in a College, School, or Institute of Nursing in a recognized College, School, or University who have satisfactorily complied all necessary standards, fees, requirements, and other information enforced by AYNLA Constitution.

C. Registration & Admission, Suspension & Termination, and Reinstatement

1. Registration & Admission

Any individual must seek membership in a Local Chapter where his/her office or residence is located the nearest. However, a member may opt to register in a Chapter different from his/her area of residence or work as long as he/she may maintain being active in the Chapter. The Local Chapter may refer members who wish to be relocated or be endorsed to a nearer Chapter. In cases where there is no available Local Chapter, a nurse may still register his/her membership of which he/she shall be considered belonging to the National Capital Region.

For purposes of uniformity, all membership registration should be done through online using AYNLA Membership System, Google Forms, or other platforms. A Local Chapter may opt to prepare traditional membership forms but subject to encoding by their Chapter Secretary or other authorized officer. Registration details submitted using other means and not in conformity with these guidelines shall not be considered as valid and binding.

Lastly, a prospective member who submitted his registration details and paid the necessary membership dues shall be deemed admitted as a member of AYNLA and shall have all the rights of an AYNLA member in accordance with the AYNLA Constitution. However, the membership registration may be reviewed at any period by AYNLA Executives and the membership be refused or canceled in accordance with the AYNLA Constitution.  

2. Suspension & Termination

Membership to AYNLA is deemed suspended and/or terminated on the following grounds unless stated otherwise:

a.    Non-payment of annual membership fees consistently for three years;

b.    Consistent inactivity or grave misconduct of a member, threatening the integrity of AYNLA; and

c.    Any violation of the AYNLA Constitution & By-Laws concurrent to suspension and termination of membership.

Suspension & termination of membership shall be determined by the Local Chapter and subject to the approval from the AYNLA Board.

3. Reinstatement of Membership

Reinstatement shall be approved by the AYNLA Board as per the recommendation of the Local Chapter. If the Board approves such, a written notice shall be made and coordinated to the Local Chapter concerned that the membership of who was suspended or terminated be lifted or reinstated.

D. Rights, Duties, and Obligations of Members

Every registered member of AYNLA in good standing has the right to:

1. Present any suggestion that will benefit the organization, that such suggestion is in writing, signed by the maker, endorsed by the Local Chapter, and submitted to the AYNLA Board or National Executive Office;

2. Voted and be voted upon to any office;

3. Inspect at any time during office hours, the books and papers of AYNLA for a lawful and definite purpose;

4. Be heard of his/her viewpoint/stand, and defend himself/herself before removal or dismissal from office or AYNLA, and the right to appeal to such;

5. Seek protection or assistance on matters affecting him/her in the practice of the profession;

6. Transfer to another chapter in accordance with AYNLA Constitution and By-Laws;

7. Enjoy limited opportunities, training and special treaties, partnerships, and assistance offered by AYNLA; and

8. Other rights, duties, and obligations determined and conferred by AYNLA Board in accordance with AYNLA Constitution and By-Laws.

E. Membership Fees and Payment Process

Every member, be it regular or student shall remit annual membership fee as determined by the AYNLA Board. The membership fee shall cover one fiscal year.

For the year 2019, the AYNLA Board approved the following membership fees:

•    Core Group and Regular Members                   Php 250.00

•    Student Members                   Php 150.00

Membership fees should be paid through the National Office, Local Chapter, by BANK DEPOSIT, or ONLINE TRANSFER. Upon receipt of the fees, the Chapter Treasurer or any authorized persons or officers shall issue a provisional receipt subject to the issuance of the official receipt coming from the National Office. The said official receipts may be sent to the Local Chapter via courier every quarter for economic purposes. However, if the payment was done through the National Office, or by any individual through direct bank deposit, the National Office may directly issue the official receipts subject to the presentation of the bank deposit slip/s.

As a matter of procedure, all membership fees should be deposited/transfer online to AYNLA Bank Account for proper accounting. The following are the bank details of AYNLA:


Account Number:         00-353-014-7448

Branch of Account:     Banco De Oro – Bocobo Pedro Gil, Manila

Any bank fees related to the deposit of the membership dues shall be borne by the prospective members. As proof of payment, the Local Chapter or a prospective member must submit a copy of the deposit slip by uploading it to AYNLA Membership System and/or e-mail to indicating the name/s of the prospective member/s subject to verification of the AYNLA National Office.

F. Amendments

Members may propose changes to these Guidelines by submitting the proposed change and its rationale to the Executive Director. S/He will arrange for the AYNLA Board’s review of any such proposal at the next appropriate Board Meeting. If the AYNLA Board recommends approval of the proposed change, the change will be presented with at least fifteen days advance notice to the members at the next Annual Meeting or Special Meeting called for that purpose at which a quorum is present. A change to the Guidelines requires a majority of all Members eligible to vote in person. Whenever there is a conflict between the By-Laws and these Guidelines, the Constitution & By-Laws shall prevail.

In the event the AYNLA Board recommends against approval of a proposed change, the member proposing the change may call a vote on the measure at the Annual Meeting or at a Special Meeting for that purpose, provided fifteen days’ notice is given and majority of the voting members sign a request that said proposal be voted upon.


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